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“Their brand new adventure takes the Playmobil Top Agents to a frozen region.

The insolent Dr. Chill hatches an evil plan. But thanks to their modern Spy Team Command Sled fitted with snow chains, snow and ice don’t bother the smart officers in the slightest. The General and Tech are just loading one of the precious energy modules onto the sled trailer: “Exit the ramp, push the energy module onto the platform, secure it and fold down the side arms” orders the General. “It is done!” Tech shouts when an Arctic Rebel out of nowhere suddenly rushes at the two men on his snowmobile. Naturally the two cunning agents react on the spot, load the cannon and fire a warning shot in the direction of the motorcycle. The unknown driver deviates, all ends well.

The Spy Team Command Sled is equipped with a movable rear cannon with projectiles and a sled trailer to transport the energy module.

The Playset includes two characters, a snowmobile, an energy module with light and sound, and many other agent accessories.”



Suitable for ages 6+



Additional information

Weight 7.42 kg
Dimensions 53 × 40 × 14 cm


Age Group

6-7 Years, 7-8 Years, 8-9 Years, 9-10 Years, 10+ Years



Playmobil Theme

Top Agents

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