Zuru RoboFish Pirate Playset


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“The Zuru RoboFish Pirate Playset is for the coolest pirates in all the seas! Full of energy, they’re rough, tough and burst into a swim as soon as they touch the water, ready for pirate adventures!

Like all RoboFish, they swim with lifelike movements and have water activated pressure sensors that turn the Fish on as soon as it comes in contact with water! Pirates RoboFish have five different swimming directions: up, down, left, right and forwards. They are 100% water proof, realistic, soft and their silicon tails look absolutely real! Of course they also have our famous “Robo-Save” power mode to conserve your battery power. Each RoboFish comes with two fitted batteries and two spare ones.”

Includes a black pirate castle.


Suitable for ages 3+

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Weight 3.49 kg
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 30 cm


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3-4 Years, 4-5 Years, 5-6 Years, 6-7 Years, 7-8 Years


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